Moon Phases Calendar for August 2021 – Lunar Calendar August Templates

Moon Phases Calendar for August 2021: Moon Calendar Phases is being used for many years. The history of the moon calendar is very old, our ancestors used these calendars for time, weather, and daily activities. Today we can trace the position of the moon in these calendars. You must have seen that the shape of the moon varies from day today.

Sometimes the moon is fully visible, so we call it the full moon, sometimes the moon appears half, so we call it the first quarter or the last quarter. Similarly, sometimes the moon is not visible, we call it a new moon. The moon changes its shape every day. Recently, we also shared an article about the Editable August 2021 Calendar Template so do check if you want a customizable collection for this month.

Moon Phases Calendar for August 2021

You have ever wondered why the moon shines so much in the night. The answer is that when the sunlight falls on the moon and it is reflected by the Moon, it falls on the earth, hence our moon looks bright. At night, the moon is seen due to sunlight.

Just as the earth is roaming around the sun, the moon is moving around the earth. This is the reason why we see the moon in different sizes every day. The moon has four stages, new moons, first quarters, full moon, and the last quarter.

August month Moon Calendar

Moon Phases Calendar for August 2021

Lunar Calendar August 2021 Full Moon Calendar August 2021

Lunar Calendar August 2021

Here we have brought many designs of the August 2021 Lunar Calendar. In these calendars, you will find information about the moon’s face. You can download these calendars from here and save it to your desktop or laptop. Here we put some calendars in black in which you can locate the position of the moon.

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Moon Phases Dates
New Moon 08 Aug 2021
First Quarter 15 Aug 2021
Full Moon 22 Aug 2021
Last Quarter 30 Aug 2021

August 2021 New Moon Calendar August 2021 Moon Phase Calendar August 2021 Full Moon Calendar


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